I have created this blog long time ago in a far away galaxy where Docker was relatively novel thing. Whole reason to create this blog was lack of good introductory materials that I could link to my colleagues and friends. To be precise, there was no good materials in Russian. Some blog posts were inaccurate, some – completely missed the point of new technology. Any local IT article landscape tends to lag behind English segment, Russian was not an exception. So after several presentation sessions when I’ve got tired of repeating myself and struggling to find good introductory articles I’ve decided to write my own ones.

Years passed, local community’s literacy on containers and DevOps grew stronger and I’ve got some experience on more advanced topics. So it’s only natural for me to shift from 101-style articles to more advanced and/or niche ones. And that’s the reason to switch to English: I will gain international audience and keep local at the same time. Since I’m moving away from novice topics, I assume that my local readers will be proficient enough in both tech and English .

I’m not planning to translate old posts since I deem introductory articles move valuable in Russian. There is plenty of good material in English and at the same time having one less entry barrier for beginners is a good thing. So from this moment onwards, off we go… now in English!